Happy Easter, fashion lovers!


Have great, happy holidays with your loved ones! Smile, laugh, be free !
We decided that our present to you should be a little hint!


We’re having a contest!

This is our prize: PRIZE.

SammyDress is a online retail store , we’re collaborating with. We chose this dress as the prize for you, from a variety of other gorgeous dresses. Feel free to check out more of their products, and maybe even leave a comment to  tell us if you’d want to see any of them as items in our outfits.

They delivery is fast and their products are trendy and cute. We were impressed by them and would recommend most of their products: especially the jewelry !

More details to come when we launch the contest!

Stay tuned ….


It’s the middle of the week, and we mean business!

office look


Do we mean business or we just talk about it?

No…we mean it! Actually, if you haven’t been visiting our Facebook page, you’re a complete stranger to the news. So, we’re working on an app, and are searching for a couple of beta testers. If you want to help us, and own a smartphone, use our contact form to write us a mail, and we’ll get right back to you!

But let’s get to business….outfits. Shall we?

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