Silly Weekend Activities : D.I.Y

So… it’s a hot hot weekend, and even sunbathing is out of the question ( even if my skin allows me most of the time to indugle with this) , and I’m in. Since I’m not in the mood for cooking ( aka. staying in the homemade sauna ) , I’ll just find something to do in the proximity of my beloved fan. ( not my boyfriend, but this guy) .

It usually takes a lot for a blog to make me stay faithful, check posts from the past – deep in the past, and even quote it. But the following one actually did the trick. Let’s do these activities together , shall we? See the rest of the outfit

#FashionGeneration : when? where? what? who?

hi !

I’m sooooo glad the site is back up. I missed it sooo much …

Especially because things have happened since it last worked and I need to tell you about them.

As you know, #galamodauvt was not a private event but access was somewhat restricted, as not anyone that wanted could come unless they had an invitation.

But some of the designers thought that wasn’t the only way their collections would be seen, so they organized another event.

I present to you, #FashionGeneration .

See the rest of the outfit


hello !

Here we are, reporting the very much expected local event, #galamodauvt . It’s the gala of our fashion design graduates, where they show us their graduation projects. This is always such a good talent indicator, you spot greatness right away !

Let me show you some pictures and say a little something about what I’ve seen. See the rest of the outfit