F/W Season Essentials

Sso you know, we looooove lists. But this is the last one for some time, we promise.

The thing is, new seasons come with new must-haves, so it’s necessary to stay in touch with the season and what it brings.

For example…


1.You should have a pair of go-to boots

Whichever is more in sync with your style, wether it is an elegant pair or a more casual one, at least one is necessary.

1boots  3bootsDr.-Martens-shoes-8-Eye-Boot-(Pewter)-0106042boots

If you dare ask why, maybe you haven’t read our other article featuring boots , to be more specific, ankle boots.

You can read our ankle boots article here.



2. You should have at least one sweater that you absolutely love

We know you’ve been stacking up with cardigans but it’s not the same. Nothing quite compares with a sweater put together with a cute midi skirt to make a cute outfit . And besides, we kinda’ know you’ve been wearing the cardigans in the spring or summer, at night time ( we suggested it at times, too ) . So, give the season what it’s rightfully theirs.

Did that make sense to you?

If not, do you think they call it sweater weather for nothing?

2kn   1kn   3knswe


3. You should have a pair of stilettos that are not neon.

Yes, not neon. Actually an earthly color or something more neutral . It can be print or it can be one color, suede or leather whichever you prefer.

2st 2stmusette img-thing2stsn

4.You should have a jacket to go with most of your looks.

We’re talking about a jacket to make you look good no matter what, that goes with half of your wardrobe.


3jk 2jk 34jk 1jk


5. You should have at least one leather skirt, one midi skirt , one pencil and one tartan skirt. 

Skirts will be your friends if you let them, and these are my must haves for the f/w season. Of course diversity is welcomed, and you can fill your wardrobe with whichever type you feel most drawn to. You should keep this in mind, tho : it’s not just the types you like that fit you.

For example : we know you’re crushing on the pleated skirt , but you might look even more ravishing in a pencil skirt. Always remember to dress for your body. That means a world of difference already , trust me !

111sk 1skdaisystreetmodel_replace_10_of_19_ tweed


The pencil skirt we proposed is a tweed/black contrast. We did a piece on tweed some time ago, see there how cool looks can be created using tweed pieces. The tweed article is here.


Remember the star items in other looks you might’ve created, that are season- versatile.

I’m not talking about your summerish crop top, but I am talking about your boyfriend jeans or dar skinny jeans,  for example.

Of course your cardigans are more than welcome to join the equation and maybe some basic t-shirts.

Shirts, blazers and other such…? Of course, bring them along.

If you want to know how we’d style the proposed items and many other more, check out these looks in our 5 Fall Looks You’ll Love


And don’t forget to accesorize properly!

ERCL-AMB-24-black-crystal-gold-drop-clip-on-earrings Nightfall-Crystal-Station-Necklace-288x4007summer looks handbag-denim shirts outfit how-to-wear-camo    moschino-bag




5 Fall Outfits Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

Fall outfit

The fancy chick: is always fancy – autumn’s colors meet neutrals, with a little twist.

fall outfits look

The preppy cuttie: There are the urban college girls, and the preppy college girls. Here’s the second type to demonstrate not all fall outfits have the include UGG boots.


fall look

The casual beauty: She follows some trends, but looks like she put on the first things she saw in her wardrobe. Hint: she didn’t.


fall outfit look

The cool fashionista: A simple, trendy look featuring fashionable, eye-catching items perfectly fitting into the fall outfits category.




The dreamer: Her look is clean, and nice, but she didn’t choose it having any catwalk in mind. All she had in mind was feeling all the autumn vibes, of course her thoughts exteriorized.