Breaking Bad Casually




Breaking bad, breaking casual, breaking the habit.


Have you ever noticed that as far as t-shirts go, its more a matter of bands,rather than series or movies? It’s always about the guitar and bass players. Well, let’s change that a little bit and get creative.


There’s a craze about the TV series Breaking Bad. I haven’t seen it, but I randomly saw episode endings and a few trailers about it. It doesn’t sound bad, maybe it’ll go on the list. And the big fuss is around the central character, Heisenberg. ┬áThe guys from Burton saw the opportunity and made a fan white t-shirt. It’s simple, to the point, and doesn’t look like a groupie t-shirt. We like it a lot!






A casual checker shirt to wear it with matches with the brown jeans. The color of the jeans is interesting and intense, not camel, not beige, but a great brown.



Always wear your All Star shoes with pride. Grey goes well with the other colors, so they blend in the outfit nicely.


Of course, there’s another “surprise” if you may ! It’s interesting if you get sunglasses similar to the ones Heisenberg has!

That way,you can see how many of the people you meet on the way figure it out.


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