Contrasting Nude

contrasting nude outfit


Contrasting nude, with neon colors!

What better way to do it, right?


I am very much in love with this dress. And I am still hoping to buy it, soon. If not, there’s a great chance I’ve lost! It has a clean design and looks great on, you’ll just have to trust me !



Rarely do we have nude and not have black. This time the jewelry piece is black, although it’s not really necessary. It goes well without one , too. But this one really fits.accessories-handbags-ddd5-w729neonpink_1



And, here’s the surprise. I’ve chosen these bright pink neon stilettos for contrast. It gives a very fresh look to wear when going out clubbing, or even on a fancy daytime setting. This actual pair is from Christian Dior.


And of course, the bright pink clutch to complete the look. Now, you can go out looking like a million bucks and feeling that great, in this not so pretentious or difficult to achieve outfit.

Enjoy looking good!

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